Sulwhasoo’s Five Scents Filling the Flagship Store

Korean ancestors wished to refine their minds by strengthening their bodies and enhancing their lives. A traditional perfumemaking method reflects this approach. <Donguibogam> also tells us that they enjoyed purifying their minds through fragrance. Sulwhasoo has compiled this record with modern sensibility, showing five different scents in First Care Activating Serum and Serenedivine Oil at the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store in October. First Care Activating Serum in five fragrances not only restores the balance of the skin with JAUM Balancing Complex™, but also calms your mind with different scents, which let you experience the essence of Holistic Beauty. In particular, Serenedivine Oil also contains Korean pine seed oil and pine nut oil, which are known for its antioxidant properties, thus providing skincare besides fragrance. This fall, the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store will offer a new gift to the customers. The limited wrapping service, which has added the wrapping cloth in orange and khaki representing the autumn leaves and sky and the traditional tassels, will be provided to the customers who purchase over 100,000 KRW. For customers who purchase over 200,000 KRW, a pouch inspired by the traditional fortune bag will be given as a gift with the embroidery of patterns wishing for good luck. In celebration of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, all Chinese customers who purchase over 100,000 KRW will be given the mini mooncakes in a wrapping cloth.