Sulwhasoo Style

Actress Song Hye Kyo

The best meets the best and comes to the climax

Actor Song Hye Kyo

Is this the reason Song Hye Kyo has been so loved for such a long time? She is familiar, but is never boring. So she looks always new, though her newness is not strange, but comfortable.

TV series writer, Noh Hee Kyung also described Song Hye Kyo’s versatility: “She well impersonates a balance of two different personalities, something that words are not enough to describe, an actress who always brings out the curiosity upon her.” It may seem obvious that she has become Sulwhasoo’s new muse.
“I always try to appeal new as an actress, but I try harder to stay where I am as an ‘actress.’ Whenever I think of Sulwhasoo, I think of it as an ‘actress.’ It reminds me of an image that is always loved because its original charm goes beyond a mere lineup of products. It’s even more charming in person. There was a reason it has always been loved as the best brand.”
She says it is a pleasure for her to be a partner of Sulwhasoo, as it is a brand with firm beliefs and ideas. She has always thought that her beliefs are the most important, and it represented her beliefs as an actress. “Those, either people or brands, that stand up for their beliefs are never agitated, but remain constant. I always wanted to be one of those people so I can earn other people’s trust.”
Sulwhasoo, as expressed by Song Hye Kyo, will be released in April. It is with deep regret that not much of detailed behind-the-scenes information can be shared in this March issue. Fortunately, we can predict the mood a little bit based on what she said. We are ready to deliver to the world our own definition of beauty again. And it is even more meaningful because our partner in such journey is Song Hye Kyo. “This is what I love; not only insisting on the past, but harmonizing it with the present. It’s not as easy as you think. Not everything you imagine can come true. You have to stand by your original beliefs over time to be able to blend with the present. I think this is a critical issue.”

If you look back, this has been her method in acting. She has never been at any one place at the same time.

“I know this is a cliche, but I try to do my best in every moment. This is what I have realized over time: now is the most important time. Before, I used to think tradition is just too heavy because many of us are prejudiced by the concept of tradition; that it’s never changing and formal. But why should tradition be this way? I thought one day. Remain unchanged is not the only answer. Tradition exists in this era with us, so shouldn’t it breathe and empathize with us right at this moment? This is also true for acting. What I was yesterday was only yesterday. I have to be the new me today. I breathe with the people who live today, so shouldn’t I show them who I am today? That’s how Song Hye Kyo is today, and today’s character naturally blends into one persona. This is hard each and every time, of course, but I always try to do it in this way.”

Actor Song Hye Kyo

“Harmony or beauty of life will naturally come to you when you find the balance that makes you comfortable”

She has sought balance in life for some time. She has been working for a long time, so she has naturally thought of balancing work and private life.

She has realized that she should not lean over to her life too much as someone who breathes with the public, but also she should not lose her identity because of work at the same time. She has swayed and lost balance from time to time as if she was standing on a balancing beam, but finding balance is as breezy as sitting on a swing now.
“I thought the answer was far away. But it was in me. I may lose balance when I follow someone else’s standards. It doesn’t fit me. I should find my own standards. My balance is within my standards. I think each person should find their own balance. Even if you undergo many trials and errors, harmony or beauty of life will naturally come to you when you find the balance that makes you comfortable. I can laugh more and think more positively because I try to make myself feel more comfortable. Those emotions naturally reflect to the facial expressions and gestures I make.”
Her answer made her look even more beautiful. It wasn’t necessary to ask more about her answer. It was her standard. Song Hye Gyo is living today, maintaining balance according to her principles and standards. Her beauty on the outside has come from the inside.
The plum blossoms from the recent severe winter were even more beautiful. The extreme was bloomed by another extreme: Song Hye Gyo and Sulwhasoo. The best and the best that are globally recognized. The plum blossoms have wilted, but the new climax is about to start.