The new, third-generation Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Line image

The new, third-generation Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Line

MALASIA | 2015.11.01

Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Line captures the strong vitality of red pine to present a comprehensive, time-defying anti-aging solution

13th August 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Sulwhasoo, Korea’s luxury holistic skincare brand, presented the new generation of its premium anti-aging collection, Sulwhasoo Timetreasure EX, with an immersive multi-sensory experience at the luxurious The Datai, Langkaw

Amongst the lush greenery and tranquil settings, the Sulwhasoo Timetreasure EX range was introduced to a select group of media from the Southeast Asian region; namely from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Adding glamour to the event ‘were acclaimed celebrities from Malaysia and Thailand: award-winning actress Debbie Goh and celebrated international artist Chris Tong; popular Thai actress and personality Cirin Horwang (known famously as ‘Cris Horwang’) and renowned social influencer Grit Jirakiertivadhana.

The Sulwhasoo Timetreasure EX collection was unveiled at the serene Dining Room of The Datai Langkawi, with a holistic experience that evoked all five senses:

  • - Sight: overlooking the scenic swimming pool and surrounded by the ancient tropical rainforest, believed to be over 10 million years old – the spectacular view is the awardwinning hotel’s most iconic backdrop;
  • - Touch: the five coveted products were on display, fulfilling the curiosity of guests as they took a closer look at the porcelain packaging and felt the velvety texture of the bottles’ contents;
  • - Scent: the event space was laden with the soothing scent of pine candles, enhancing the relaxation experience;
  • - Taste: authentic Korean pine needle tea was served to guests – emphasizing the healing qualities of the pine; it contains 4-5 times more Vitamin C than a glass of orange juice and a concentrated amount of Vitamin A, which invigorates the immune system; and
  • - Sound: perched at the mountain tops of mystical Langkawi, the melodic symphony of the rainforest’s flora and fauna enhanced the holistic experience.

The five coveted products that debuted at the intimate event were: Timetreasure Renovating Water EX; Timetreasure Renovating Emulsion EX; Timetreasure Renovating Serum EX; Timetreasure Renovating Cream EX; and Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX. This is the third generation series of Sulwhasoo’s celebrated anti-aging solution. Formulated with the strong vitality of the Korean Red Pine to promote youthful, healthy skin and reverse the signs of aging.

“We are very excited about the new Timetreasure EX collection as it optimizes what Sulwhasoo stands for: a holistic approach to beauty fused with cutting-edge skin science to offer the best skincare solutions,” said Margaret Chin, General Manager of AmorePacific Malaysia. Following her speech was a brand story summary by Grace Yun (Sulwhasoo Global Marketing Manager), followed by a detailed explanation on the technology behind the age-defying secrets of the legendary Korean Red Pine conducted by Kate Kwon (Sulwhasoo Brand Science Manager at Amorepacific Corporation Research & Development Center). The session continued with a sensorial experience led by Ivy Gan, Training Manager of Sulwhasoo Malaysia. Guests were given dollops of the Timetreasure Renovating Cream EX and asked to warm the cream up in their hands by rubbing their palms together, this helps to active the key ingredients and also to release the soothing pine scent. They then closed their eyes and held their palms up to their face, an indulgent moment in scent therapy.

Following the series of presentations, Ivy led a short conversation with Malaysian celebrities Debbie Goh and Chris Tong about holistic beauty. The beautiful actresses shared their tips on healthy living, how to prevent the aging process and their experiences with the Sulwhasoo Timetreasure EX collection.

“I love the Timetreasure Renovating Cream EX because of its luxurious texture and scent. All I need is just a small amount and it glides on smoothly onto my skin. It really works wonders for me because I can see that my skin is improving day by day and knowing that it will continue to combat all signs of aging for me,” remarked statuesque Debbie Goh. With her hectic filming schedule, she needs a cream that hydrates for hours and helps makeup stay on for longer and looking fresh. Expressing that her major skin concerns are dry skin, fine lines and saggy skin – Debbie relishes the benefits of the Timetreasure Renovating Cream EX the most. “When I apply a small amount of the cream onto my face and neck, it has a smooth texture and an immediate lifting effect.

Chris Tong is very pleased with the results of the decadent eye cream, “Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX is the key product from this range for me because it has the benefit of a total antiaging eye cream which helps me combat all signs of aging. Best of all, it has brightening benefits as well that helps to lighten my eye area when I don’t get enough beauty sleep.” Though 8 hours is the ideal amount of sleep needed, with such a busy schedule this is not always easy to manage and for busy women, the Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX is the secret skincare trick to replicating the freshness in the eye area that sufficient sleep provides

Both celebrities appreciate the Sulwhasoo’s signature holistic approach to skincare, with ingredients sourced from Mother Nature that enhances the skin’s radiance and suppleness. Debbie remarked, “It really gives you a boost in confidence when you know the ingredients are holistic and have such remarkable anti-ageing benefits for your skin. Sulwhasoo only uses high quality, natural ingredients and that gives”. Chris, who has sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts, has to exercise caution when introducing new products to her skincare regime. With the Timetreasure EX collection possessing such gentle and holistic ingredients, she was able to adopt the regime without any hesitation. “Natural ingredients are important for me – and with the Timetreasure EX core ingredients being red pine and also ginseng, I was 100% confident to apply it to my skin. In fact, I couldn’t wait to try it and see the results!” said Chris. Both beauties shared the same enthusiasm about experiencing Sulwhasoo’s high-end Timetreasure EX range.

The packaging of this premium collection was also highlighted, as articulated by Debbie: “I remember holding a bottle of the serum and it had a cooling effect, so I knew right away that it was made of porcelain. The packaging is so elegant; like a work of art.”

Following the engaging presentations, guests experienced a relaxing, sumptuous beach side dinner at the private Beach Club of the five-star resort. A healthy menu with detoxifying elements was specially served for the occasion, inspired by holistic notes of the Timetreasure EX ingredients like pine and ginseng.

Guests were treated to magical photo moments, making the most of the private, secluded beach. They were invited to write words and draw in the pitch black of the night sky with sparklers to capture a beautiful photograph.

Retiring to their individual suites for the night, media guests were surprised with a good night gift courtesy of Sulwhasoo – a luxurious pine candle and Overnight Vitalizing Mask. They were encouraged to apply the mask and soak in a relaxing bath with the candle alit to nourish the body after a full day’s program. The subtle and relaxing scent of pine enveloped their suites during their stay; another delicate touch by Sulwhasoo Malaysia to heighten the multi-sensory experience.

The next day, after a nutritious breakfast, guests were taken on a Morning Nature Walk around the grounds of The Datai Langkawi to further enhance the multi-sensory experience of the retreat. A passionate tour guide showed them the natural wonders of Langkawi, set amidst the pristine rainforest, which is believed to be at least 10 million years old. Guests were able to spot some of the most fascinating tropical creatures including the giant hornbill, the dusky leaf monkey, the rare colugo (or flying lemur), macaques, lizards and more.

As guests returned from the invigorating Morning Nature Walk, the lotus pods in the picturesque pond on the plush hotel grounds began to blossom. Giving bloom to vibrant pink petals, guests awed in the magical beauty of the captivating scenery and immersive journey in honor of the Sulwhasoo Timetreasure EX collection. Surrounded by the ancient rainforest of Langkawi, the mystical energy of the Korean Red Pine, the core ingredient of the Sulwhasoo Timetreasure EX line, was very much felt.

About Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo presents holistic beauty that provides the ultimate skin solution and restores the harmony between body and mind with its modern skin science and the legendary Asian medicinal herbs that have been cherished for thousands of years in Asian wisdom. The brand gains wisdom from the laws of nature and beautifies the body with rare and precious ingredients in pursuit of beauty that resembles the nature with the harmony between body and mind. With ‘JAUM Balancing Complex™,’ the original formula of Sulwhasoo for balanced skin derived from more than 3,000 ingredients, ‘ginseng’, the outstanding ingredient of Korea that makes Sulwhasoo’s original prescriptions even more special, and the latest ‘bioconversion technology’, Sulwhasoo delivers the value of holistic beauty to the world beyond Korea. As of 2014, Sulwhasoo has stores in Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and USA, successfully thriving as the Asian beauty creator.