‘The Legend of Sulwhasoo’ - The secret of Sulwhasoo’s legendary ingredients  영상보기

‘The Legend of Sulwhasoo’ - The secret of Sulwhasoo’s legendary ingredients

ARCHIVE | 2014.10.29

Sulwhasoo unveils the mystique source of how legendary ingredient came about.

Among 3,000 medicinal herbs based on the ancient wisdom of Asia, only five skin balancing herbs were rigorously chosen.

After discovering the marvelous potency of the five ingredients, the herbs were subjected to repeated infusion with different time variants for hundreds of times. Through countless experiments, the optimal infusion period of 18 hours was computed to formulate the JAUM Balancing Complex™. The procedure to formulate the radiance reviving recipe of JAUM Balancing Complex™ came to a closure.

The most precious ginseng was cultivated through zealous care and wisdom by nature of Korea -- through the sun that provides light only as needed and abundant supplies of nature’s water and blowing wind. Incomparable even to a person’s lifetime worth of tenacious devotion, the priceless Korean ginseng was recreated as a legendary ingredient.

50 years of time unveiled the mysterious potency of ginseng; ensued by 50 additional years of devotion, the ginseng has become a legendary ingredient that lavishes the skin with unfading vitality.

The beginning to the legend of beauty geared by Sulwhasoo.
The legend is heading towards you.