Sulwhasoo successfully holds global charity event in Hong Kong (China) image

Sulwhasoo successfully holds global charity event in Hong Kong (China)

HONG KONG (CHINA) | 2014.09.10

Sulwhasoo successfully holds global charity event in Hong Kong (China)
‘2014 Sulwhasoo Share a Blanket’

  • - Invited Hong Kong (China) celebrity, Cathy Tsui as a global contributor.
  • - Challenged the Guinness World Record for ‘The Most People simultaneously participating in Patchwork”.
  • - Limited Edition ‘Charity Kit’ available at Sulwhasoo Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Sulwhasoo, the holistic beauty brand that presents the beauty of ‘Harmony and Balance’ with Asian philosophy and wisdom, promoted the ‘2014 Sulwhasoo Share a Blanket’ event as a part of global contribution activity at Hong Kong (China) Convention Center last October 5.

‘2014 Sulwhasoo Share a Blanket’ event, which is the global charity event promoted by Sulwhasoo every year since 2010, has been programmed based on an oriental myth that a newborn will live a long, healthy life if the neighbors make a blanket with pieces of fabric. It was set out to deliver a message that little contributions can gather to give big help to those in need.

In this year’s event, the stories of celebrities who donated the fabric pieces were introduced and about 300 participants from the local press in Hong Kong (China) and Malaysia gathered to connect the pieces to make the ‘blanket’ by themselves. The event also challenged the Guinness World Record for ‘The Most People simultaneously participating in Patchwork.’ The event was further highlighted by Cathy Tsui, a popular celebrity of Hong Kong (China) and the friendly envoy of the CHI HENG Foundation.

The Charity Kit, which was specially made for the ‘2014 Sulwhasoo Share a Blanket’ event, will be available at Sulwhasoo stores in Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, and Indonesia for a limited time. The funds raised from this event will be donated to the CHI HENG Foundation to support the education of children with AIDS. The 100 cotton blankets made on the event day will be delivered to the homes of underprivileged families in Hong Kong (China).

Hong Kong (China), where Sulwhasoo plans global charity event every year, is the battleground of global brand and the first site of Sulwhasoo’s global business. Sulwhasoo knocked on the door to the global market by opening an independent store in the Central Building Hong Kong (China) in September 2004. Currently, Sulwhasoo has six stores in Hong Kong (China) alone to achieve the highest revenues among all countries of global business. Sulwhasoo Flagship Store and Spa is located on the Canton Street amongst many premium designer brands and attract enthusiastic customers with dignified service. Sulwhasoo is currently on the must-have list of local customers and tourists from Mainland China. Many products of Sulwhasoo have been named as the most beloved beauty items by the local customers and press in Hong Kong (China) to prove its popularity.

Sulwhasoo, the global beauty brand that spreads the value of holistic beauty to the world beyond Korea, is currently doing business in about 10 countries, including Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and USA. Sulwhasoo will continue to establish the strategies to grow further as a global brand and aim at the global market to settle as the Asian beauty creator.