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Essentrue Deep Nourishing Body Cream EX

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Essentrue Deep Nourishing Body Cream EX
  • Functions 주름케어
  • Size 200ml

Experience Sulwhasoo’s holistic beauty with this body care product, which delivers moisture and elasticity to skin

Nutrient-rich honey delivers deep moisture and nutrition

Highly nourishing honey delivers nutrition deep within the skin and has a resilient, bouncy texture.

Schizophyllum commune provides the skin with elasticity

Schizophyllum commune extract delivers elasticity to the skin, leaving it supple and smooth.

Naturally derived Korean medicinal oil leaves skin radiant

This cream is formulated with pine nut oil, lotus fruit oil, Camellia oil, Prunus mume oil and apricot kernel oil to strengthen the skin’s barrier and make it glow.

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