SPA Introduction

Sulwhasoo SPA’s Unique Beauty Rituals

Sulwhasoo SPA is a place for experiencing the holistic beauty with Asian wisdom.

It is a place where Sulwhasoo realizes the holistic beauty with Sulwhasoo products, experienced therapists, Sulwhasoo’s unique rituals with Asian wisdom, and special treatment tools.

Rituals of Sulwhajeong

As soon as you enter a SPA room, the treatment program begins with a dry cloth massage, which was one of the healing treatments performed in the royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty.
Customer’s choice of Korean herbal medicinal aromatic oil is applied onto a dry cloth to enhance the efficacies of the treatment by awakening customer’s five senses.

Exclusive Beauty Tools of Sulwhasoo

The cooling power of Jade, the warm energy of amber, the complete purification of white porcelain, each treatment tool’s natural energy combines with Sulwhasoo skincare for optimum treatment results.