Beauty Ritual – The Secret of Beauty

Sulwhasoo has continued to create beauty rituals form the new beauty habit that starts with First Care Activaing Serum EX and ends with Luminature Essential Finisher, to the hand massage technique for maximum results, and the Sulwhasoo Spa that concentrates the original beauty knowhow of Sulwhasoo. All these are based on the faith of Sulwhasoo in the value of harmony and balance which sees the whole as an interrelated system, not as fragments. There is also Sulwhasoo’s original beauty ritual, completed with nearly 50 years of arduous exploration of the secrets behind Korean women’s beauty. Sulwhasoo Beauty Ritual focuses on the skin imbalance caused by women’s skin cycle, and provides a holistic skin solution that creates the optimum balance with the legendary medicinal herbs and comforts the body and the mind with the texture and fragrance that awaken the five senses. In particular, Sulwhasoo Spa is not just an ordinary esthetician’s salon, but the essence of Sulwhasoo’s beauty ritual, with programs that heal the body and mind to realize holistic beauty. With Sulwhasoo Beauty Ritual, every woman in the world will be able to experience holistic beauty and come a step closer to true beauty.