The wish for Health in the Aesthetics of all Tastes

As you can see in the ‘people in white clothes,’ white is the color that represents the Korean people. Many people are fond of white because of its purity, and the food prepared with devotion and care for the five fortunes is filled with hopes and wishes of those who make it. If you can use the ingredients of the East and West to prepare dishes with good wishes to warm your bodies and hearts, they will be great to enjoy with your international friends who are celebrating the New Year away from home. Here are the beautiful dishes prepared with ingredients from the East and West, which convey the folk customs you can enjoy and avoid bad luck.

Mountain green salad with the ‘raw’ nutrients Fresh greens are seasonal greens that are enjoyed raw and fresh, making them the true natural food. The salad prepared with beech mushrooms, thinly sliced cauliflower that resembles snowflake trees, and knob celery pursues harmony with nature and wishes for a good life.

White noodles and asparagus for longevity Since the olden times, noodles have been a special food for longevity that you could taste only on special days. It has been loved by people around the world, as it is a healthy low-calorie food. White noodles with thinly sliced white asparagus strips can be enjoyed with milk that is similar to soy broth.

Plump texture and great flavors of Joraengi rice cakes in mushroom cream The main ingredient of this dish is the Joraengi rice cake, which is a native food of Gaeseong that is as white and firm as a small snowflake. As the dish is prepared with Italian cream sauce instead of the hearty broth of Korea, you can share it with your international friends who are celebrating the New Year in Korea, to wish them a good year.

Grilled Chicken with Ginseng

Ingredients Joraengi rice cakes (200g), button mushrooms, a cup and a half of fresh cream, one onion, a bit of butter, and a pinch of salt

How to make

1 Boil the Joraengi rice cakes until they are slightly cooked, then drain them over a colander. Do not cook them thoroughly as they will later be cooked further on a pan. 2 Add the butter to a heated pan and cook the sliced onions and button mushrooms. 3 Pour all the fresh cream into the mixture in Step 2 and boil it. Then add the Joraengi rice cakes in the colander. Make sure the sauce does not dry up. 4 When the rice cakes are cooked, turn off the heat and add Parmesan or Gruyere cheese for taste. Finish with salt.