As bright as the Full Moon

The moon jar has been so named because it is as round as a full moon. In Korean folk culture, a full moon was very significant. The Lunar New Year’s Day was a symbolic day for health, a good harvest, fertility, etc. for our ancestors, so they went out to greet the moon and wish everyone good fortune. The moon represented a goddess and the land as a source of abundance. The moon jar, shaped like a full moon, is elegant and affluent-looking with its round shape, warm off-white coating, and modest mouth and heel. The white porcelain moon jar, which is Korea’s Treasure #1437, was created in the 17th century and was initially used to contain food, as with all other moon jars created at that time. Its body is not completely round, but has extra space. It is a well-made jar that represents the beauty of Joseon’s white porcelain. The top and bottom of a moon jar are made separately and then attached together. This is why the jar is not perfectly symmetrical, but this characteristic has become the moon jar’s unique natural beauty. For this reason, many artists reproduce the beauty of the moon jar in their own ways. Sculptor Byung Jin Kim has created the ‘Pottery-Love’ Series by carving a moon jar in the shape of the famous ‘Love’ of Robert Indiana, an American pop artist. The jar’s body, made of steel instead of earth, is blue instead of off-white, but still shows the original sentiment of the moon jar.