Nurture the body with a touch of wisdom

Tomato Marinade and Soup

Breakfast, a delicious taste of comfort Tomato Marinade and Soup
The beta-carotene and vitamin B2 from the red tomatoes cleanse impurities and increase resilience of blood vessels. They also help with digestion for a healthier stomach. Mix peeled tomatoes with olive oil, vinegar, chopped onions, basil, and salt. Marinade in the refrigerator for a day to enhance the flavors.

Cold Seaweed Soup

Lunch, the pleasures of a crunchy textured food, Cold Seaweed Soup
Seaweed is not only famous for aiding in blood circulation, but it is also great for detoxification. It is due to the alginic acid, which is a sticky substance of seaweed that attaches to the heavy metals and micro dusts in the body to remove the toxins. As cold soup, it is healthier to reduce the broth, and add more seaweed and vegetables.

‘Omija’ Jelly

Snack, light and unique refreshments with attractive colors, ‘Omija’ Jelly
Omija(maximowczia) is great for detoxifying the liver. The citral, malic acid, and citric acid contents of omija prevent the accumulation of toxins in the nerve cells. Omiga can be simply made into cold tea; however, you can also make jelly with it by mixing diluted omija jam with melted gelatin and hardening it in the refrigerator. This creates a one-of-a-kind omija jelly garnished with fruit toppings.

Cold Chicken Breast and Ginseng

Dinner, for elevated energy and health Cold Chicken Breast and Ginseng
Ginseng saponin promotes protein synthesis and regeneration of the hepatic cells. As a result, ginseng strengthens the liver and detoxifies alcohol. Ginseng sprouts, which are edible from the roots to the leaves, are best for fast energy replenishment.

Cold Chicken Breast and Ginseng

Ingredients 2 pieces of chicken breast, ginseng sprouts, 1 beet, olive oil, pepper, rosemary leaves, sesame sauce (whole sesame seeds, soy sauce, 2 tbs of vinegar, 1 tbs of sugar, 1/2 tbs of sesame oil, and lemon jam)


1 Clean and remove the excess water from the chicken breasts and marinate them in olive oil, pepper, and rosemary for 10-20 minutes. 2 Cook the whole beet. 3 Pan-fry the marinated chicken breasts in a frying pan until golden brown on the surface. 4 Slice the beet into cubes. Mix it with the chicken breast in a bowl and top with ginseng sprouts.