An invitation to a voyage of the senses

The Sulwhasoo Flagship Store has 2 spas that offer holistic beauty through sensual experiences to satisfy the five senses. The ‘Sulwhasoo Spa’ at the basement level treats its customers to a scrub service containing ginseng seed peels and red ginseng foot baths before each program. Then, the Rituals of Sulwhajeong will awaken the cells one by one, and the 4 major scents of Sulwhasoo used in the rituals—Plum Blossoms (Flower), Pine (Leaf), Sandalwood (Tree), and First Peace (Forest)—are inspired by the nature of Korea to comfort the body and mind, and multiply the effectiveness of the treatment. Also, Sulwhasoo’s special programs use 6 applicators made with Korean traditional materials (Jadeite, White Jade, Amber, Porcelain, Obsidian, JAUM Balancing ComplexTM bowl). The programs end with a cup of Korean herbal medicine tea and Korean snacks. The ‘Sulwhasoo Balance Spa’ at the fourth floor offers Sulwhasoo’s unique Korean herbal medicine techniques using Scent of First Peace, treatment rooms filled with natural lighting, and comforting music with a peaceful yet vibrant energy to regenerate the senses. The Get Away Room is for the Foot & Leg Treatment inspired by the Korean Herbal Medicine theory behind Cold Head and Warm Feet, while the Parkview Room overlooking Dosan Park offers facial and body programs. One can enjoy the wholesome experience of holistic beauty at Sulwhasoo Spas, guiding one to the feast of the senses through traditional rituals.

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