It’s Chuseok: share the abundance

It’s Chuseok: share the abundance


Chapchae filled with the colors and flavors of vegetables
Introduced in <Eumsikdimibang>, which is the oldest existing Korean cookbook, is a healthy dish where various vegetables including cucumbers, radishes, Shiitake mushrooms, and bellflower are julienned, pan-fried, and mixed together. As people added meat and vermicelli noodles to taste, it has become a great festival dish that everyone likes. If you are taking it to a potluck, don’t mix the vegetables beforehand, instead serve the vegetables beautifully arranged on a plate so they can be mixed right before eating.


Songpyeon beautifully kneaded in your hands
“Rolled into little balls on the palm / Clam mouths added with fingertips / Placed on the golden plate like a thousand peaks smoothed on top / Served with jade chopsticks to call up the rounded half moons.” As the Wandering Poet Kim Sat-got from the Joseon Dynasty once acclaimed, Songpyeon is small yet delicious. One can make colorful Songpyeon by adding finely chopped dates and pine flowers.

Tastefully crunchy and delicious pan-fried cakes

Tastefully crunchy and delicious pan-fried cakes
Place the cake batter on a pre-heated pan with oil, and the sizzling sound will make one's mouth water instantly. One can put anything with these pan-fried cakes including meat, seafood, and vegetables. The cakes are good for any occasion from everyday mealtime to grand festivals. Mix sesame or perilla seed oil with cooking oil to add flavors. Serve the sauce alongside the cakes in a separate sauce bowl.


Ddeokgalbi, everyone’s favorite on Chuseok day
Ddeokgalbi used to be a premium dish enjoyed only by the kings in the palace. It must be the most popular dish during Chuseok celebrations nowadays. It is called Ddeok (rice cake) because beef is finely ground and kneaded into cakes. It is easy to have, but it is not so easy to make. But it is still a premium dish filled with taste and nutrition that one cannot miss on a Chuseok day, so make it thick and solid.

Delicious Ddeokgalbi that melts in your mouth

Ingredients Ground beef 400g (4 servings), Ddeokgalbi seasoning (onion juice, sesame oil, sugar), marinade (soy sauce, green onions, garlic, pepper, sesame oil)


1 Add Ddeokgalbi seasoning to ground beef and set it aside for 20-30 minutes until thoroughly seasoned. This will make the meat more tender.
2 Add sweet rice powder, chopped chestnuts, pine nuts, and dates to absorb excess moisture and add stickiness.
3 Mix by hand so all the marinade and fillings combine.
4 Knead 3 pieces into bite-sized cakes and cook in a pan seared with oil.