Gangwondo & Finland

‘When the snow melts, flowers will bloom on every remaining footstep, and it will snow all year in my heart when I go out to look for the footsteps through the flowers.’ This is the time of the year when this verse from Dong Joo Yoon’s <Snowing Map> touches the heart. Winter makes you huddle because of the strong winds. It also brings a frown to your face due to the low temperature. However, the snow covers the world with endless sentiments everywhere. You hope that your body and mind can be healed similar to the pure-white world that covers all filthy things in an instant. The word ‘snow’ goes particularly well with Gangwon-do. When it is covered in snow, countless beautiful sceneries are presented throughout Gangwon-do. The winter in Finland is different from that of Gangwon-do. Finland brings an imaginary land from a fairy tale into reality. Winter is very dark and solemn because of the polar night. Once you are mesmerized by the beauty of snow in the dark and the warm hospitality of the people, you will discover the real attraction of Finland filled with its unique sceneries, including the world renowned Northern Lights, Santa, sleigh, and many fantasy stories.

Snow covers everything down to the tip of a twig as if it has been dipped in white paint. When the sky is blue, Sanggodae even looks like a coral reef in the sea. When you are in Gangwon-do, the snow blossoms dancing in the strong winter winds will make you forget how cold it is, and it will urge you to take out your mobile phone in order to take as many pictures as you can. Everywhere you turn, there is nothing but magnificent views, such as the Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch, which is known for an exotic and picture-perfect view, Wonju that takes you out of this world when you walk through the snow-covered field, Taebaek that you can reach up on a winding mountain trail by car, and Chuncheon near Sanggodae. Gangwon-do regains its strength during winter along with its ability to captivate people. With the fantastic show of aurora borealis near the North Pole, Finland becomes one of the travel destinations that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. You can travel with aurora hunters in search of the Northern Lights, visit Rovaniemi Santa Village where children’s dreams come true, journey to Kuusamo where it snows for 200 days every year, and stop at Lapland, which is the land of the North Pole completely covered in white snow. It may be as cold as 30~40 °C, but Finland is warmly regarded as the greatest frozen land when it snows.