A hearty soup for a warm winter


Hyojonggaeng, a hearty soup to soothe your stomach
Hyojonggaeng is a soup that is best enjoyed in the morning. It was also the first food to be delivered among homes in Korea. The soybean soup is made up of boiled soybean sprouts with Asian cabbage inner leaves, button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, beef ribs, sea cucumber, and abalone. A spoonful of this soup will delight you. The combination of different ingredients with the soybean soup base will fill up your stomach and strengthen your body.


Yeonpotang, a highly nutritious dish with low calories
The webfoot octopus is virtually free of fat, as well as filled with taurine, minerals, and amino acids. It has been widely used to create healthy dishes, as it not only increases the production of blood in the body, but also helps with calcium absorption. No other dish brings out the real taste of webfoot octopus better than Yeonpotang. It is a simple, yet great winter dish, and all you have to do is boil the webfoot octopus with leek or Asian cabbages, and add salt to taste.


Dubutang, a light and healthy soup
The firm and soft tofu is another notable ingredient for this soup. Just add cubed tofu, coarsely cut button mushrooms, and green onions in the kelp soup base. Dip the tofu in the special soy sauce made with ground ginger. The spicy taste of ginger, which warms your body, perfectly blends with the tofu. It is a great protein-enriched healthy food that is light enough to eat for breakfast.


Daegutang, a clear and invigorating soup
Cod is a fish that you can eat from head to tail. It is one of the most popular fish in the world due to its white and succulent meat. For a long period of time, cod has been a favorite ingredient of the East and West. It contains 17.5% protein with less than 1% fat. People who cannot stand the smell of fish will enjoy cod because it has less odor. It is typical for a cod to have a big mouth and head; therefore, one cod is usually enough to feed an entire family. The broth is more invigorating when prepared with radish, Javan waterdropwort, and oyster mushrooms.

Daegutang, a healthy dish for the entire family

Ingredients Four pieces of cod (320g), 100g of radish, 200g of Asian cabbage, 100g of soybean sprouts, 50g of Javan waterdropwort, 1 root of spring onion, 2 shiitake mushrooms, Sauce(1tbsp. of clear rice wine and fish sauce, 2/3tbsp. of fine salt)


1 Season the cod pieces, bones, and head with coarse salt. Let it sit for 30 minutes.
2 Put ① in a basket and pour boiling water to remove the fishy odor.
3 Pour anchovy broth made with roasted anchovies into a pot, and boil the cod bones and radish. Boil for about an hour, then strain the broth through a cloth as much as 6 cups.
4 Slice the radish into 3-cm squares. Cut the Asian cabbage into 3-cm squares and cut the Javan waterdropwort into 3-cm squares. Wash and prepare the soybean sprouts and mushrooms.
5 Pour the six cups of broth into a pot. Add the radish, Asian cabbage, soybean sprouts, spring onion, and shiitake mushrooms. Cover and bring to a boil. When it starts to boil, place the cod in the pot.
6 Add Javan waterdropwort and salt to taste. To make the soup more invigorating, add a little bit of lemon juice.