Between emptying and filling - Sulwhasoo Balance Spa

Sulwhasoo Balance Spa is a contemporary Korean herbal medicinal spa that restores balance in your body that has been agitated by your busy life. It rejuvenates you, filling you when you are empty and letting you gain when you discard. Precious Korean herbal medicinal ingredients, the care of aesthetician, and the original rituals inspired by the Asian tradition empty the impurities accumulated in your body and mind and rejuvenate the whole body with the Holistic Beauty. The spa program can be mixed and matched (facial & body) or chosen individually according to your condition and needs. In particular, the First Peace Scented Treatment, featuring Sulwhasoo’s signature scent with the peaceful and vibrant energy of a morning forest, is the signature ritual that deeply energizes the entire body by carefully massaging the ears. It relieves stress and balances the body and mind. Sulwhasoo Balance Spa has two types of spaces, the Get Away Room and the Parkview Room. The Get Away Room is lit with warm natural sunshine and is a place where you can experience the spa by yourself, with a friend, or with your loved one. It is for the treatment that reinterprets the Korean medicinal theory of cold head-warm feet. The Parkview Room looks down on Dosan Park for your unique spa experience while enjoying nature right at the heart of the city. Sulwhasoo Balance Spa, will guide you this New Year to an energetic life.

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Sulwhasoo Balance SPA