The youthful radiance of your skin with Volume Brightening

It is the most difficult to find and yet the most important technology to unravel the effectiveness of the ingredients. White ginseng, one of the ingredients attracting worldwide interest, demonstrates the utmost efficacies through the original technology of Sulwhasoo that cannot be achieved with any other technology abroad. Perhaps its hidden efficacies were not very easy to find. The white ginseng saponin that was acquired through years of painstaking research is Sulwhasoo’s original, patented whitening formula, which is the world’s first whitening substance that is extracted from ginseng. It restores one’s youthful appearance that is threatened by various internal and external factors, and brings resilience and vitality to the skin. Also, white ginseng polysaccharides have concentrated the active hydrators by 2.5 times, and leave the skin thoroughly moisturized to clarify skin tone. Snowise Brightening Serum, with the true efficacies of white ginseng, will firmly fill your skin from deep within, and bring out radiance onto the surface, so everyone will be envious of your skin.

It is not too late. You can become more beautiful if you are willing to commit to a brightening routine. There is no need to throw away all of your cosmetic products, and buy new ones. The serum has concentrated active ingredients and plays a central role in brightening care. Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Serum is the wise solution to brightening today. It will not brighten the surface of your skin temporarily, but firmly replenish your skin from the inside, and remove melanin for Volume Brightening. The new and improved white ginseng saponin and white ginseng polysaccharide extract that has been concentrated 2.5 times have been further enhanced with mulberry bark to boost efficacies and create a whitening environment. Your skin will be endlessly energized. The thick, gel-type texture disperses the brightening formula upon application to heal the skin’s flaws. Try Snowise Brightening Serum for a week, and you will no longer find dull skin tone when you look in the mirror, and see radiance instead.

Volume Brightening Massage
What is Volume Brightening Massage?
A massage for a clear and transparent complexion that uses the first nodes of your thumbs to correct skin resilience, dullness, and darkening at the center of the face.
Step 1 Forehead area
Gently press the point between the eyebrows, and push toward the temples.
Step 2 Eye area
Gently press the inner ends of the eyes, and push around the eyes toward the top of the ears.
Step 3 Cheek area
Gently press the points next to the nostrils, on the nostrils, beneath the cheekbones, and on the center of the ears.
Step 4 Lip area
Gently press the center of the chin → nasolabial folds → under the ears.