A breeze is better than a friend on a hot summer day

A fan is called ‘Buchae’ in Korean, meaning a stick for a breeze. Fans have become ideal gifts as they were useful in everyday life and were beautiful as decorations. According to <Dongguksesigi>, the Ministry of Craft made fans on Dano Day, and the king distributed them to prime ministers, servants, and other people in the palace until the late Joseon Dynasty.
Fans not only create breeze on a hot summer day, but it also drives away bugs, shields the face from the harmful effects of the sun, and blows air to help one start a fire. Thus, they were widely used by all social classes. Fans can be divided into two types: ‘Foldable fans’ are made by gluing paper onto the frame, while ‘Bangu fans’ are round fans made by gluing fabric, silk, or paper onto the framem and were enjoyed by women at home in the summer. For that reason, they were decorated with the Taegeuk pattern, a lotus, a lotus leaf, and other colorful shapes. Taegeukseon is a type of fan with the Taegeuk pattern in the background that looks more colorful with the division of spaces and intense contrast in colors. It is made and used only in Korea. Taegeuk, which reflects universal principles, is composed of yin and yang, and the colors that represent the universe flow within the circle.