The sentiments of Sulwhasoo can be tasted at the rooftop tea café

The rooftop space on the 5th floor of the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store is an outdoor lounge where you can see Dosan Park from above, and appreciate nature at the heart of the city with all your five senses. The rooftop tea café serves complimentary iced tea and iced mochi in the summertime. The iced tea that is served to cool off the midsummer’s heat is brewed with Sulwhasoo’s tea collection, and customers can choose from the following variants: Sejak Green Tea, Red Ginseng Blended Tea, Plum Blossom Herb Tea, Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine Blended Tea. The Sulwhasoo tea collection was born with Sulwhasoo’s aesthetics and Osulloc’s know-how, and the Red Ginseng Blended Tea and Plum Blossom Herb Tea are exclusively served at the flagship store. The Red Ginseng Blended Tea contains blended fermented tea that has matured with Jeju cedar and precious Red Ginseng for deep flavor, while the Plum Blossom Herb Tea is a 100% herbal tea with purely elegant plum blossoms to awaken your senses with its subtle flavors. The beautifully crafted iced mochi represents the five colors for good energy, and is served on the traditional brass plates of Korea. Customers who purchase the products receive coupons to the tea café, where their selection of teas and iced mochi will be served to them plus one. Feel the special taste and the devotion of Sulwhasoo, while enjoying an open view of the surrounding greenery. Also, the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store is planning to host various fun events, such as the coloring healing event, in the second half of the year.