The shadows are dancing all night long

Candles and lanterns were the only sources of light when electricity was not yet invented. Candleholders were used to hold candles. Candleholders can be classified according to purpose: everyday use, ceremonial use, and portable use. Everyday candleholders came in various shapes and many ornaments. Large candleholders were mostly used for palace ceremonies, and they had simple, moderate ornaments. Portable ones were made so they could be moved from one place to another place; some had legs, and others had no legs, but all were made with handles for easy portability. Most candleholders were made of bronze during the Goryeo Dynasty, but a silver inlay over the metal surface became popular during the late Joseon Dynasty. This candleholder was also made of silver and bronze with engravings of deer, pine trees, and other patterns that signified long life and good fortune. A verse of a poem that was engraved with silver inlay on a reflective plate added uniqueness to a candleholder. Today, candleholders are mostly used in interior design or as decoration, for beautification. Artist Mi Hee Hwang’s ‘Beauty Series’ presents white candleholders that are inspired by traditional Korean houses. Beautiful curves from traditional Korean houses, coupled with the pale white color of white porcelain, are modern yet beautiful in the Korean sense.