The sturdy furnishings of guest rooms

In the old times, people judged a homeowner by the quality of the furnishings of his or her guest rooms. The furniture in the guest rooms reflected the integrity and the mindset of a homeowner as well as classical scholar. A cupboard, along with a tea table and a floor desk, was a major piece of furniture in guest rooms. It was used for both storage and display, and could also have drawers and a display unit. Generally, it has one or two levels built for storage, and another level with one side open. This cupboard also has one side open and two drawers in the middle. The bottom part has doors for storage, while the support on the bottom has air holes in the shape of a bat’s wings. In the middle of the door panels is a locking ring on a round metal board that is engraved with a unique pattern of Korea. The door panels and the unit are connected through hinges in the shape of a bird’s tail. It is made of Paulownia wood with no gloss or elaborate pattern to reflect the humble and unworldly atmosphere of the guest rooms. Artist Bo Mi Park, who concentrates on observing and reinterpreting metal materials to create completely new types of artistic furniture, has reproduced a traditional cupboard she can call her own. The traditional feel of the shape and the detail and the modernity of the materials are molded into a work of beauty with its own uniqueness.