The Auspicious Fragrance to Cleanse Your Mind

Incense is ‘a fragrant object’ that deodorizes your body and removes any bad energy in a space that must be kept clean. Incense is also widely used in Buddhism because it is believed that incense can even cleanse your mind. You can use one of two kinds of incense: the topical kind and the burning kind. The topical kind is a powder of renowned incense mixed with clean water that can be applied onto your body, while the burning kind is literally burned to emit smoke. When you use the burning essence, you must have a vessel called the ‘incense burner.’ It is assumed that many temples in Korea used incense for worshipping after the Age of Three Empires. But it is not easy to identify accurate characteristics or shapes as only a few mount-shaped and bottle-shaped incense burners from the Age of Three Empires and Silla Unification remain today. In the Goryeo Dynasty, there were mostly celadon and bronze incense burners. After the Joseon Dynasty, white porcelain and brass were used as ordinary ritual tools. This celadon incense burner was introduced in the Goryeo Dynasty, and it has three legs on a round bowl. At the top, there are two square rings placed next to each other. The body is embossed on the pattern of Taotie, while the abstract figure of a goblin represents the wish to drive away bad spirits. Meanwhile, Craft Combine’s incense burner is a modern piece of artwork that is as functional as traditional incense burners. It is made with clear glass, so you can see how the incense is burned.

청자 양각 도철 무늬 향로, 고려시대
Glass Incense Burner L, 크래프트 콤바인