Sulwhasoo Flagship Store Tea Class - The Fragrance that Awakens the Five Senses

Offering various beauty services that represent Asia’s wisdom, Sulwhasoo Flagship Store has a special program that allows you to confront your true self with clear and rejuvenating energy. It is called ‘The Holistic Tea Class.’ In the class, you could appreciate the tea leaves that compose the four tea collections of Sulwhasoo by tasting the tea in the way of tradition. After watching a demonstration of tea ceremony, you could choose your favorite flavors, and brew them yourself. Sulwhasoo Tea Collections are the outcomes of Sulwhasoo’s aesthetics and Osulloc’s knowhow, spreading the spirit of nature to the body and mind. Four healthy and attractive selections are available: Red Ginseng Blended Tea fermented in Jeju’s cedar barrels and blended with precious red ginseng, Plum Blossom Herb Tea that relaxes the body and mind with the subtle scent of pure plum blossoms blooming in the winter, Sejak Green Tea made with the youngest tea leaves from Jeju Tea Field in the spring, and Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine Blended Tea infused with the freshness of tangy tangerines after the tea leaves were fermented in the enriching cedar barrels of Jeju. The Holistic Tea Class is held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 1:30 PM and up to 10 people is welcome to participate by making reservations at the Sulwhasoo homepage.