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The origin of massage is unknown. Massage was systemized as a tool of therapy probably in Ancient Greek and Roman era. On the Ancient Egyptian murals created around 4,000 years ago, the pharaoh can be seen with his legs being massaged by a slave. Records also showed that Cleopatra enjoyed foot massages. In Asia, the ancient Chinese medical books stated that massage was performed as a form of therapy 5,000 years ago. In particular, massaging in Asia is based on ‘Qi (energy)’. ‘Qi,’ known as the vitality of the universe, travels and circulates through a special path called the meridians. When you press these meridians, Qi is relieved and it circulates smoothly throughout the body. <Donguibogam> of Korea also has records related to massaging. The chapter of <Facial Doors> in the External Body Part discusses the examination based on the Five Elements Diagnosis and the treatment of various diseases on the face. For the examination, the face is the most important part because it shows the patient’s complexion, and each part of the face represents the Five Elements.

The Five Elements are connected to the five internal organs of the body, and the disease in the body appears on the corresponding part of the face. The book also tells about how to massage the face in order to circulate Qi of the Five Elements. “Rubbing the palms until warm and then rubbing them on the forehead is called Sucheonjeong. Rub 14 to 21 times up to the hair line and the face will shine. This is known as Suuijaemyeon.” This is also related to the current method of skin massage, but it is interesting because you can do it yourself. Rubbing the palms until warm will spread the energy to the elbows. The forehead is the cluster of Yang energy and it can spread the warm energy if you transfer the heat with warm palms for better circulation. The meridian massage on the face brightens the skin, thus indicating a significant improvement in circulation. Without the smooth circulation of Qi, the face will become rough with more wrinkles. Huh Joon believed that massage is the most effective skincare technique for a clear complexion. ‘Suuijaemyeon’ means that ‘the hand has to be placed on the face’ – in other words, touching the face with your hands is often beneficial. You have to clean your hands before rubbing the face, and it is advisable not to press too hard to cause stimulation. It is also effective to use the massage tools made of jade, amber, and white porcelain. Especially, jade has been the symbol of circulation and purification from old times. With the wisdom of the ancestors, Sulwhasoo presents Luxury White Jade Massager. Its 100% white jade combined with the design completed by Sulwhasoo loosens muscle knots of the body and revitalizes your stressed skin.