A Face that is as Bright as Moonlight and Jade

A healthy face exudes natural radiance. The skin shines gracefully, even without bright lighting or heavy makeup. The radiance or the complexion of your face is a definite factor of beauty and an indicator of health.
For sure, everyone desires to become more beautiful, regardless of gender and age. Then, how is it possible to maintain the radiant vitality that bursts in the prime of your life as long as you desire? The major source of beauty is health.
Through the wisdom from the past, you could learn that ancestors perceived the human body as a miniature of the Universe. Your body is connected to Mother Nature, and is actually one with it in essence. As the sun heats the air and the wind moves it to make rain that wets the land, your body is only healthy when everything is circulating well.
According to <Donguibogam>, the skin, the outermost layer of the body, is constantly communicating with the rest of the parts inside the human body. The internal organs control the energy in the body, and are interconnected to the meridians on the skin.

Therefore, the energy that appears on the surface of the skin tells you about the condition of your body. The face, in particular, has the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears that are interrelated to the five internal organs in Korean medicine.
When there are problems in the internal organs or you are mentally stressed, symptoms appear on the face as age spots or skin troubles. Therefore, you could assume the condition of the body by examining the complexion and the skin of the face, and find ways to stay healthy. This means that beautiful skin becomes the icon of a sound body and mind, and even dignity.
There are different natural ingredients that can brighten the complexion of your skin. Skullcap root extract, apricot kernel oil, honeysuckle flower extract, Angelica dahurica, and Angelica tenuissima were often used in traditional medicine to clear the skin complexion. Royal women partook these ingredients, or applied them on the surface of the skin day and night as a skin care method.
Based on this tradition, Sulwhasoo’s Luminature Glow Cream is formulated with skullcap root extract, apricot kernel oil, and honeysuckle flower extract to restore the beautiful radiance of the face. The skullcap root extracts brighten the dark face by inhibiting the transfer of melanin, while the honeysuckle flower extracts densify the texture for smoother skin. Also, the apricot kernel oil firms the skin barriers to complete the radiance of the refined skin. The light yet moisturizing Luminature Glow Cream delivers various effects based on the number of layers or the places of applying areas. It is Sulwhasoo’s devoted response to the eternal desire to be as beautiful and radiant as the moonlight.