First Care Activating Serum – Moisturized radiance from within image

First Care Activating Serum – Moisturized radiance from within

ARCHIVE | 2014.05.07

Provides moisture and radiance from deep within by balancing your skin's five key elements.

How would you care for dry and dull skin that has lost radiance? One of the first signs of skin aging is dryness. To control it, an important step is to balance the five key elements of your skin. Introducing Sulwhasoo’s most important anti-aging solution, First Care Activating Serum.

Balance your skin’s five key elements for deep radiance from within

A moisturized and radiant glow is one of the most important criteria for healthy skin. True radiance is visible only if these five elements are in harmony: nutrition, elasticity, transparency, vitality and rejuvenation. A woman’s skin begins to age more rapidly around the age of 35, when it becomes essential to balance the skin and prevent further dryness.

The main ingredient in First Care Activating Serum is the Jaum Balancing Complex™. This powerful anti-aging ingredient balances these five elements to provide radiance from deep within, creating healthy radiance and overall healthy skin. Restore your skin’s natural moisture and radiance deeply using First Care Activating Serum.

Harmony and balance for healthy skin

A woman’s skin experiences significant change every seven years. Particularly after 35th birthday, skin starts aging rapidly, losing its radiance and becoming prone to dullness and dryness. To control this, and restore healthy and youthful skin, we need to restore harmony and balance to the five key elements of skin, including radiance, nutrition, transparency, vitality and rejuvenation.

Sulwhasoo’s vital active ingredient – Jaum Balancing Complex™

The Jaum Balancing Complex™ is the primary active ingredient of Sulwhasoo's First Care Activating Serum. It enhances the effectiveness of other ingredients and restores yin energy that has been depleted from your skin. The complex is made with an optimal mix of five premium Korean medicinal herbs, including Peony, Rehmannia, Lotus Seed, Solomon’s Seal and White Lily, all of which have been meticulously selected from more than 3,000 herbs found in the annals of ancient Korean medicinal texts.

Makeup artist Lee Mi-young (Makeup Director at Ihee Hair)

“After being introduced to the magic of First Care Activating Serum, I no longer do artificial-looking glossy makeup. First Care Activating Serum creates a natural radiance from deep within the skin and, as a professional, I can tell you that is very hard to recreate. It’s become my No.1 secret item.”

Actress Kim Hyo-jin

“I’ve become more careful in choosing skincare products these days. Perhaps it’s my general physical condition but my skin easily becomes sensitive. I know that First Care Activating Serum is carefully made with precious ingredients and it's the only skincare product that I can apply without worry.”

Wang Hye-moon, doctor of oriental medicine

“Good habits are so important to achieve good health and healthy skin. Using skincare products made from high quality ingredients that balance and care for the skin is the key to prevent your skin from aging.”