The secret to Sulwhasoo’s signature ingredient – “The Legend of Sulwhasoo”-movie

The secret to Sulwhasoo’s signature ingredient – “The Legend of Sulwhasoo”

ARCHIVE | 2014.10.29

The story of Sulwhasoo’s legendary and signature ingredient has been heard.
Out of the three thousand herbs that hold the wisdom of Asia, we selected the five best.
People have found the mysterious power of these five medicinal herbs and have pressed them hundreds of times, spending hours and hours.

Finally, we reveal the secret 18-hour process to make the Jaum Balancing Complex™.
This is how the radiance-restoring Jaum Balancing Complex™ is made.

The source of our ginseng is the wisdom of the sun, which gives us only the amount of light we need, the generosity of water and wind, which flow without end, and Korea's beautiful natural environment.

Someone’s endless tenacity has made it possible to bring Korean ginseng back once again as a legendary ingredient.

It took 50 years for the mystery of ginseng to be revealed and with this heartfelt 50 years of effort, ginseng is once again the legendary ingredient that breathes new life onto our skin.

The legend of beauty begins with Sulwhasoo, and is now coming to you.