Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream – The secret to everlasting beauty, found in red pine image

Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream – The secret to everlasting beauty, found in red pine

ARCHIVE | 2015.01.18

The secret to unchanging beauty, found in red pine Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream

The thousand-year-old pine forest on a misty early morning, filled with a mysterious energy that seems to encompass all life on Earth. The pine is a pillar of strength, enduring the obstacles of the passing seasons, full of bitter rain and wind, unfaltering heat, and raging blizzards, while maintaining its verdant youth. With an unflinching life force that can last a thousand years, the pine is often called the king of trees.

Among these, red pine is a particularly rare and precious type. Red pine contains a surprising life force that is strong and resilient, and Sulwhasoo has found that fountain of youth, with its everlasting power and life force.

Red pine is a precious tree that has maintained its powerful life force for a thousand years

The ancient annals of traditional Korean medicine, Donguibogam, tells us that all parts of the pine tree are precious, from the pine cones, leaves and pollen, to the roots and stems. With its dense growth ring and strong interior, the trees are regarded as a symbol of longevity and youth. The red pine in particular stands out, with the redness of its skin and stem's ends. The highly regarded traditional Chinese medicine book, Bencao Gangmu, informs us that the red pine is the king of trees, with the power to breathe life into a variety of nearby plants and return fertility to barren land.

Sulwhasoo’s unique anti-aging ingredient found in red pine

Sulwhasoo has revived the precious, thousand-year energy of red pine through modern skin science and a half-century of research into the potencies of medicinal herbs. The result is DAA, a skin fortifying, anti-aging property that was found deep inside the tree. DAA is the essence of our skin’s vitality and strength, bringing us deeper and closer to a complete anti-aging solution. It fundamentally treats the signs and causes of aging and strengthens your skin, preventing the rapid aging that appears once the aging cycle has begun. With this ingredient, you can step closer to the utopia of everlasting youthful skin.

Sulwhasoo’s Timetreasure line contains the energy of red pine and the answer to youthful skin

The Timetreasure line is a premium, advanced and complete anti-aging skincare line that includes DAA, an anti-aging property with the hidden efficacies of red pine. Developed through Sulwhasoo's advanced scientific expertise, it boosts your skin’s vitality and resilience. All products in the Timetreasure line penetrate deeply to energize and strengthen your skin, delivering a youthful appearance that mirrors the everlasting life force of a thousand year old red pine.

Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream helps the skin around the eyes to become firmer and smoother. Using Sulwhasoo’s unique red pine capsule technology and densely woven texture, this cream absorbs instantly and deeply, creating a moisture barrier on the skin to help it become firmer and smoother almost instantly after application. Like the strong red pine that withstands the cold following a snowfall, the skin achieves harmony and balance in any situation. This is the ideal, unrivalled class of beauty Sulwhasoo pursues. Sulwhasoo’s Timetreasure line includes Timetreasure Renovating Water, Timetreasure Renovating Emulsion, Timetreasure Renovating Serum, Timetreasure Renovating Cream and Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream. Experience how they restore your skin to its youth.