First Care Activating Serum – A new evolution after 18 years of beauty heritage image

First Care Activating Serum – A new evolution after 18 years of beauty heritage

ARCHIVE | 2015.05.01

The pinnacle of 18 years of beauty heritage evolves once again, Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

An unrivalled first-step serum that changed the beauty routines of women the world over

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum is the world’s first boosting serum made with Korean medicinal herbs. We introduced it to the world in 1997 with the simple philosophy of revealing the skin’s natural beauty by restoring balance and harmony. Since then, the formula has changed the beauty routines for women around the world and it remains unrivalled in its efficacy. The serum is also our best-selling product and is a familiar friend to women everywhere. It has changed the history of global beauty products.

Sulwhasoo is proud to introduce the latest evolution of this amazing skin care product, our 4th generation First Care Activating Serum.

We introduced the fourth generation of our First Care Activating Serum in 2015, giving it an enhanced formula that uses our PREXtract Process™, newly created with Sulwhasoo’s own innovative technology, and our original star ingredient, the highly regarded Jaum Balancing Complex™. First Care Activating Serum balances the five key aspects of healthy skin, resilience, vitality, elasticity, transparency and nutrition, to provide an even more powerful boosting effect that leaves you with a level of radiance like you’ve never experienced before.

Jaum Balancing Complex™, Sulwhasoo’s exclusive advanced treatment

The Jaum Balancing Complex™ balances the skin’s five key aspects and provides a higher level of efficacy with this upgraded formula. The complex is made with our original formula that includes an optimal blend of five premium Korean medicinal herbs including Peony, Rehmannia, Lotus Seed, Solomon’s Seal and White Lily, all selected from over 3,000 herbs found in the annals of ancient Korean medical texts.