Sulwhasoo successfully celebrates its 3rd Anniversary in Thailand. image

Sulwhasoo successfully celebrates its 3rd Anniversary in Thailand.

THAILAND | 2015.09.16

“The wisdom of Asia wins the hearts of women in Thailand.”
Sulwhasoo successfully celebrates its 3rd Anniversary in Thailand.

  • - Proven the high interest of Thailand by about 270 press officials and celebrities participating the 3rd Anniversary celebration.
  • - Sulwhasoo Brand Story fascinates the ‘Hi-So’ of Thailand, ‘Sand Show’ expressed by sand art attracts high attention.

Sulwhasoo, the holistic beauty brand that presents the beauty of ‘Harmony and Balance’ with Asian philosophy and wisdom, successfully held its 3rd Anniversary in Thailand at Siam Kempinski in Bangkok on September 10th 2015.

Sulwhasoo has promoted luxury strategy to enter the ‘Hi-So (High Society)’ community of Thailand that has an exceptional influence in the beauty market and settled as a wannabe brand that symbolizes ‘the Premium Korean Wave’ in just three years. The purpose of this celebration was to congratulate Sulwhasoo’s successful settlement in the Thai market that is sensitive to beauty trends as a global luxury brand and share its future vision.

Proving the local society’s interests in Sulwhasoo, which is leading Thailand’s beauty trends, the event was visited about 270 ‘Hi-So’ members, including the local press officials, distributors, and celebrities. Sulwhasoo brand story that began in 1966 as the ‘world’s first Korean herbal medicinal cosmetic brand’ with ABC Ginseng Cream to grow into a global luxury brand and the Sand Show that expressed Sulwhasoo’s position in Thailand’s beauty market with sand art were particularly popular. The finale of the ceremony was the performance of ‘NADEJ KUKIMIYA’, popular celebrities in Thailand.

Since Sulwhasoo opened its first store in Bangkok, it has presented exceptional products conveying precious ingredients and Korean herbal skin science and promoted brand storytelling with authenticity for 3 years. As a result, Sulwhasoo’s global best-seller ‘First Care Activating Serum EX’ has been named the best product in the Double Duo Anti-aging Division and Best Serum Division of ‘Coleo Beauty Hall of Fame’ and ‘Cosmopolitan Southeast Asian Beauty Awards’, respectively, in 2013. Sulwhasoo is currently operating nine stores in Thailand and planning to solidify its position in Thailand, one of the beauty leaders of Asia, by reaching out to more local consumers.

Sulwhasoo is currently doing business in 10 countries around the world, including Thailand, Mainland China, USA, Taiwan, and Singapore, and concentrating its growth as a global beauty brand. The ASEAN market, including Thailand, has increased revenue by over 80% compared to 2014 to haul the brand growth in the global region. Sulwhasoo is planning to expand the number of global stores to 100 in 2015 and continue to spread the pride in Sulwhasoo’s ingredients and technology and the value of Holistic Beauty to women around the world.

About Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo presents holistic beauty that provides the ultimate skin solution and restores the harmony between body and mind with its modern skin science and the legendary Asian medicinal herbs that have been cherished for thousands of years in Asian wisdom. The brand gains wisdom from the laws of nature and beautifies the body with rare and precious ingredients in pursuit of beauty that resembles the nature with the harmony between body and mind. With ‘JAUM Balancing Complex™,’ the original formula of Sulwhasoo for balanced skin derived from more than 3,000 ingredients, ‘ginseng’, the outstanding ingredient of Korea that makes Sulwhasoo’s original prescriptions even more special, and the latest ‘bioconversion technology’, Sulwhasoo delivers the value of holistic beauty to the world beyond Korea. As of 2014, Sulwhasoo has stores in Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and USA, successfully thriving as the Asian beauty creator.