Harmonizen Regenerating Cream

Harmonizen Regenerating Cream Harmonizen Regenerating Cream

A luxury anti-aging cream formulated with Dermosul™, Sulwhasoo's proprietary complex of salvia miltiorrhiza and red ginseng, restores the youthful energy to skin.

Product characteristics and information capacity

  • Brightening
  • Wrinkle Correcting
  • Lifting
  • Premium Anti Aging
  • Advanced Step
  • 60ml

Premium anti-aging cream, the first Korean product to synergize Salvia miltiorrhiza and ginseng

Dermosul™ technology restores the health of the skin layers

This cream treats from deep within the skin up to the surface layers, using Dermosul™ technology to reinvigorate the skin and combining the exceptionally rare Korean Salvia miltiorrhiza with Korean Red Ginseng.

Highly concentrated and dense, this cream adheres to skin instantly and effectively

This dense, highly concentrated cream has a delicate texture that penetrates deep into the skin without excess residue and leaves it vitalized.

Obsidian spatula enhances the potency of the cream, bringing vitality to the skin

Obsidian spatula, long known to prevent medicinal herbs from oxidizing, brings luxury to your application while sustaining the effect of the cream, leaving your skin with a positive glow.