SPA Introduction

Sulwhasoo SPA’s Unique Beauty Rituals

Sulwhasoo SPA is a place for experiencing the holistic beauty with Asian wisdom.

It is a place where Sulwhasoo realizes the holistic beauty with Sulwhasoo products, experienced therapists,
Sulwhasoo’s unique rituals with Asian wisdom, and special treatment tools.

Red ginseng foot bath

Red ginseng foot bath

The foot bath is a service of care with red ginseng water for a warm energy and a scrub containing ginseng seed peels.

Rituals of Sulwhajeong

Stimulates customer’s skin to energize each cell. One of the four scents which customer chooses at the beginning is applied to a dry cloth before the treatment to massage the meridian points. Sulwhasoo’s delicate and beautiful scents inspired by the flowers, leaves, trees, and forests of Korea, letting your body and mind relax.

Exclusive Beauty Tools of Sulwhasoo

Traditional applicators that carry natural energy to enhance the efficacy of treatment. Traditional tools and Sulwhasoo technique that doubles the efficacy.