Holiness blooms in every moment of life

Since the ancient times, incense has been burned in order to deodorize the places where many people gather, protect the human body from harmful insects, and create a holy mood for official rituals or religious ceremonies. Burning the incense has been naturally established as a culture because the incense is believed to cleanse the mind. is known as National Treasure #60, and it is designed to release the incense through a hole on the lion’s mouth, which is located on the lid. It was created during the 12th Century when Goryeo Celadon was at its economic importance. The beautiful celadon blue of Goryeo Celadon and its sophisticated design show us the exquisite craftsmanship in Goryeo. Artist Sangwook Woo, who continues the tradition of black porcelain that was widely popular during the Goryeo Dynasty, created , which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also attractive with its mysterious colors. The contemporary designed incense with tianmu lacquer, which is difficult to handle, appears both black and blue. The captivating luminous colors have more personality and impression than any other pieces of porcelain. In welcoming the New Year, it is appropriate to take some time to burn the incense. Fill the stuffy indoor air with freshness, and your body and mind with purity. You will be surrounded with the energy of positivity.

<Celadon Incense Burner with Lion-Shaped Lid>
National Treasure #60, 12th Century Goryeo
Artist Sangwook Woo, 2014