The precious light on the skin Sulwhasoo Lantern Collection

The Sulwhasoo flagship store has delivered the philosophy and the value of Sulwhasoo as well as the brand’s expertise with the original scent of Sulwhasoo. In the past year, the Sulwhasoo flagship store has brought Sulwhasoo’s holistic beauty and the pleasure of discovering the wisdom of beauty. The Sulwhasoo quality, which allows you to feel the beauty of Korea through the brand’s heritage in its products and in its beauty counseling and spa services, has deeply impressed everyone who has visited the flagship store. The motif of the Sulwhasoo flagship store focuses on the ‘lantern’. It is meant to highlight beauty with Asian wisdom, just like a lantern guiding one’s way through the darkness. The Lantern Collection was born with the opening of the flagship store, which was also inspired by a lantern. Sulwhasoo’s signature, consistent sellers, ‘First Care Activating Serum EX’ and ‘Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX’, have brought out your skin’s healthy radiance and valuable glow like a lantern brightening the darkness. In celebration of the flagship store’s first anniversary, ‘Essential Balancing Water EX’ and ‘Essential Balancing Emulsion EX’ have been added to the Lantern Collection for a more complete product line. The four variants of the Lantern Collection are exclusively available at the Sulwhasoo flagship store. Why don’t you plan a trip to search for the light of beauty in the warmth of the spring?

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