Sulwhasoo Makeup Balancer, a makeup base with a new concept that delivers

Thailand | 2014-08-03

Sulwhasoo Makeup Balancer,
a makeup base with a new concept that delivers Sulwhasoo’s exclusive skincare balancing effects

Makeup Balancer [UV protection functional cosmetics (SPF25 / PA++)]

Sulwhasoo, a holistic beauty brand that offers harmonious and balanced beauty based on Asian wisdom, introduces Makeup Balancer, a third-generation makeup base. It is used at the first step of any makeup process and evens out the imbalance of skin occurring at the early stage of aging.

Makeup Balancer not only serves its original function as a tone correcter but also delivers Sulwhasoo’s exclusive skincare knowhow. It adopted a ‘new emulsifier system’ that lessens tackiness and slipperiness from existing makeup bases that uses a silicone-emulsion solution. The system also lets the product to enhance skincare properties, creates skin-friendly texture and leaves a moisturizing, comfortable feel.

Antioxidant berry complex restores skin energy

The antioxidant berry complex, which is rich in vitamin C and anthocyanin, helps revitalize the skin to slow down its aging and and reinforce its enery.

The synery effect between natural wax and oil brings oil-moisture balance to skin

Makeup Balancer contains natural wax and oil, which forms a moisturizing layer on skin to prevent from dehydration and creates a healthy glow without caking. The two ingredients are blended together which causes a synergy effect for long-lasting hydrated and oil-moisture balanced skin.

Petal-shaped powder particles reflect light evenly for a balanced skin tone and texture Powder particles formulated to shape like flower petals evenly reflect light in all direction for brightened skin tone and even coverage.

Makeup Balancer [UV protection functional cosmetics (SPF25 / PA++)]

  • Content: 35ml
  • No.1 Light Pink
  • No.2 Light Purple