Mystical energy of Jade awakens
clear and purified skin overnight

Radiance Energy



Jade, an ancient emblem of precious Asian rarities, is treasured in Asia as much as the diamond prized in the West.

Concentrated purity
clarity energy

As seas became lands and lands became seas, as nature transformed itself over time, jade cultivated its pure matter.


Jade is traditionally known for its valuable efficacies and is often found in ancient studies.
Sulwhasoo’s research on this precious element led to the development of our Jadesphere™ technology, which helps the skin efficiently absorb jade’s amazing efficacies.

Sulwhasoo’s Jadesphere™ technology

Sulwhasoo's innovative technology stablizes jade and improves transferability of efficacy element by filling circular capsules with jade powder.

Textural Experience

The cream’s smooth texture and special Radiance Energy massage technique provides comfort to the skin.

Comfortable and rich texture

Rich with the jade’s purifying energy, the smooth texture keeps the skin comfortable overnight by creating a protective layer over it.

Radiance Energy Massage Applicator

Enhancing the massaging effect, the applicator can be used as a spatula, massager, or even for acupressure.

Radiance Energy Mask

A sleeping mask that helps clear and smooth the skin overnight with a thousand years of purifying energy from jade