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  • Sulwhasoo Dosan Flagship Store

    AM.10:00 - PM.8:00 Same as the Boutique & Spa, closed every first Monday of the month,
    New Year’s Day, and during Seollal and Chuseok.

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  • You can choose the time and language of the reservation by selecting the program and reservation date.

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Select dates and times to view appointment availability and book a Program
Select dates and times to view appointment availability and book a Program
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Please enter your information to complete your booking.(Note: The following information will be needed to confirm or cancel your reservation.)

Request Items

Request Items(Please leave your comments for any specific request, company / group name and purpose of your visit.)

Things to check before booking

  • - You can book a program per person per day based on the service delivery date.
  • - Reservation can be made 2 weeks later to 2 months from the date of application.
  • - You may cancel a reservation here or call us for cancellation 24 hours prior to the booking time
  • - If you don’t show up for your reservation, any reservation for all the programs will not be permitted for one month.
  • - The operator will contact you if more than 2 people are booked at the same time.
  • - Reservations may not succeed if other customers has made a reservation beforehand.
  • - You will not be able to receive service after 20 minutes of your scheduled time.
  • - The same program can be booked once a month.

Consent to the collection of personal identification information (required)

  • 1. Personal information list: name, e-mail, and phone number
  • 2. Purpose for collecting and using: to confirm user information prior to booking an appointment for the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store
  • 3. Period of use and retention: up to 90 days after a service
  • * Customers may refuse to provide their personal information. However, upon refusal, customers will not be able to book our services.

Consent to the provision of personal information to third parties (required)

  • - Entrusted Authority: AmorePacific Corporation
  • - Entrusted Functions: Database processing and management of reservation system