Putting the final touches on Sulwhasoo’s Holistic Beauty ritual
with five different exclusive fragrances that help balance the inner and outer sides of you.

5 Fragrances

설화수가 전하는 향의 기록, 향서 설화수가 전하는 향의 기록, 향서

설화수가 전하는 향의 기록, 향서香書

우리 삶의 근원은 몸이요,
몸의 근원은 마음이라,
몸을 다스리는 것은 삶을 다스리는 것이요,
마음을 다스리는 것은 세상을 다스림이라.

우리의 선조들은 마음을 다스려 세상을 다스리고자 하였고,
그 이치를 담은 전통의 향제법을 기록으로 남겼습니다.
이를 현대적 감각으로 재해석하여 탄생한
설화수의 <향서香書>는
한 장 한 장 향을 펼치고 겹칠 때 마다
생동감 넘치는 비원(秘苑 )으로 당신을 인도합니다.

이제 설화수의 향은
당신에게 기록되어
내면의 감성을 일깨우고,
진정한 홀리스틱 뷰티를 완성합니다.

<Hyang-Seo>,an ancient record
of fragrances preserved by Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo infuses traditional perfuming techniques aimed at controlling
the world by controlling the mind, with natural elements brimming with vitality and energy found
in the Secret Garden at Changgyeonggung Palace to write a new page in the history book of Korean fragrances.

Sulwhasoo captures natural aromas at the beautiful Biwon Garden full of flowers and butterflies lured in
by the mysterious floral scents to give your mind and soul a chance to find tranquility.

  • Tree
  • Flower
  • Light
  • Fruit
  • Root

First Peace delivers harmony and balance,
while Forest Morning delivers a calming sensation
with tranquil energy. Gentle Blossom delivers a subtle and appealing purifying energy, while Capturing Moment delivers an energetic morning,
and Inner Fullness delivers stability and nourishment.
All five fragrances are available for you right now.

First Care Activating Serum EX
in 5 various different fragrances

  • Forest Morning


    Forest Morning

    The refreshing air of a green and pristine
    forest trail awakens your senses with tranquil energy.

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  • Gentle Blossom


    Gentle Blossom

    The gentle aroma of a pure white plum blossom
    blooming gracefully in the cold and bitter winter
    helps you get ready for a beautiful spring day.

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  • First Peace


    First Peace

    The noble and gentle energy of radiant
    light illuminating the world helps you meditate,
    and permeates delicately in your skin
    to create the harmony and balance.

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  • Capturing Moment


    Capturing Moment

    The refreshing energy from red berries born
    full of radiant light delivers uplifting vitality
    that you can almost touch with your fingertips.

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  • Inner Fullness


    Inner Fullness

    Energy from roots spreading deep down
    into the earth collects inside you
    to add more depth to your skin.

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First Care
Activating Serum EX

First Care Activating Serum EX,
a serum designed to activate and boost the radiance
of your skin, now available in natural fragrances
that awaken your inner core.

Serenedivine Oil

Skin that glows serenely with a natural look

Hand Cream

Natural energy that nourishes your skin
and envelops your skin with smoothness